Insanity (angelsotherlove) wrote in ff_battle,

I know that this community is just starting to get up on its feet, and that I was just made co-mod of the the Daily Prophet, but I am leaving for a while. I need to get some things in my PL straightened out and in order for me to do that I have to go away. So i'm leaving for awhile.

I don't know when I will be back, but I will be back, and hopefully when I do come back, I will still be a part of this, for I do not wish to leave, I just need some time to myself.

And with that I leave you with my formal Hiatus notice.

So good luck and have fun without me.

I'm back, er well, not back home. I snuck my lap top on my little vacation with me. But anyhoo since I have it and a lovely high speed dsl connection (or something along those lines. I wasn't really paying much attention when my uncle told me about it) I now have an uninterupted internet connection so that means that yes I am around, and yes I will be particpating. (Till I have to move to college in August, but I'll let everyone know about that then.) So lets get crackin.

Kat/Death Eater Camp
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